Hi, I'm Sherry.

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Shereefat (aka Sherry) Balogun is a proud introvert, born and raised in NYC and the oldest of four. After years of faking it and not quite fitting in, she finally decided to embrace who she was and the game changed- she landed the job of her dreams (and was promoted twice!), was invited to sit on Boards and Associations, and went on more dates.  At the core of her being, she is obsessed with connecting with people to help them come up with creative solutions to their problems. When she's not podcasting, she's lawyering. She finds joy in serving her community, taking long walks, hosting game night, and devouring a bag of Nacho Cheese Dorito Chips. 

Ebony (aka Ebs!) Anuforo is a former introvert born in Brooklyn and living across the Hudson in Jersey. She is an Attorney, Professor, wife and proud mommy of five little ones. Ebony enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is a big ice cream and coffee lover. Ebony is a natural connector, and loves having thought provoking and deep conversations. You can find her talking about so many things, from motherhood, politics, religion and entrepreneurship. Ebony is passionate about helping people discover and find their purpose in life. 


Join Ebony & Sherry every Wednesday as they host another episode of the No Small Talk Podcast- a podcast for introverts who actually want to socialize, but without the small talk. Fans rave about the fun and entertaining way they make having conversations easy. Easy conversation is available to you too. Just be confident, start the conversation, and be present and vulnerable. They're here to show you how. 



"This podcast has been an awesome addition to my list!! It's always good hearing thoughts of others and engaging in good dialogue without the small talk. The topics are on point and relatable."

"Great podcast. I love how authentic the conversations are. The topics are realistic and engaging.  Would recommend this podcast to anyone." 

Hi, I'm Ebony.